Changing Your Morning Habits

While you might like to stay in bed under the covers in the winter, the morning is actually an important time of the day. During these hours, you set the precedent for the upcoming hours. This time is also one in which you can integrate healthier habits to have a healthier existence.

1. Time It Right

Waking up at the same time each day can seem difficult when you have differing weekend and weekdays schedules. However, setting the alarm consistently can help you to get a better night’s sleep. Instead of constantly going back and forth between a weekend and weekdays schedule, your body can start to better know when it’s time for bed and when it’s time to arise. You may one day find that the alarm clock is no longer needed.

2. Arise Earlier

You may feel immediately opposed to the idea of starting your day even earlier than you already do, yet consider the constant morning rush. Whether you’re often running out of the house with wet hair or the kids are racing to their bus stop, adding some more time to the morning routines can help you to feel less stressed. High levels of stress can negatively affect your daily routine and even your health. Try waking up five minutes earlier every day until you reach your ideal time.

Don’t Hit That Snooze Button

We’re all guilty of hitting snooze when our alarms go off before we feel ready to get out of bed. Even though hitting snooze means we only get to sleep for a few more minutes, it can have detrimental effects on our energy levels for the rest of the morning.

Our brains release serotonin when we fall asleep, giving us a warm, comfortable feeling. When we wake up, our brains counteract this feeling by releasing dopamine, which wakes us up. By hitting the snooze button, our brains are filled with two hormones trying to counteract each other, making it difficult for us to feel awake and alert once we do get out of bed.

It isn’t fun but get up with your first alarm. You’ll thank yourself when you notice increased energy levels throughout the morning.

3. Exercise

After a long day at work, you probably don’t feel terribly inclined to go to the gym or to take a run around the block. Instead of completely giving up exercise, move your routine to the mornings instead. If you’re worried about having to come home between exercising and work to shower, look for a gym that provides these facilities so that you can minimize the time this new routine takes.

Exercising puts your metabolism in gear, which helps maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Any type of exercise will help you wake up in the morning. Whether you prefer jogging, yoga, or lifting weights, exercising after a night of quality sleep will refresh your mind and energize your muscles.

Why Morning Workouts are Ideal

If you don’t usually hit the gym in the mornings, do consider rearranging your schedule. These are a few reasons why morning workouts are ideal.

Avoid Skipping Your Workout

First of all, if you are like many people, you might find yourself skipping your workouts here and there. As the day goes on, it can be easy to get busy with other things or to otherwise skip your workout. If you go ahead and go in the morning, however, you can help ensure that you get in your workout each day.

Start the Day Off Right

By going to the gym first thing in the morning, you can start your day off right. You will be starting out the day with your health in mind, for example, which can help encourage you to continue eating well for the rest of the day.

Boost Your Metabolism

Did you know that working out can give you a metabolism boost? This means that if you work out in the morning, you can boost your metabolism for the rest of the day. Not only will you burn calories when you’re actually working out, but you can continue burning more calories all day long, making it easier for you to achieve your weight loss goals or maintain your healthy weight.

Enjoy Increased Mental Clarity

Exercising can increase your mental clarity for hours after you work out. You might find that if you start out your day with a workout, you can head to work with a clear mind rather than feeling a bit foggy like you might normally feel in the morning.

Enjoy Better Sleep

If you work out in the evening, you might find that you will be way too wired to head to bed at a decent time. By working out in the morning, however, you can help ensure that your workout does not get in the way of you falling asleep and getting plenty of rest at night. If you have been having sleeping-related problems, then you might find that simply rearranging your workout schedule can be a good way for you to put a stop to these problems.

Of course, exercising at any time of day is better than not getting in a daily workout at all. However, working out in the morning is the best choice for many people for these reasons and more. If you start hitting the gym earlier in the day, then you might find that it will help you change your life for the better.

4. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Think of it like you’re fueling up your car before going to work. Your body burns calories overnight, and you need to replace them with healthy calories in the morning to maintain high energy throughout the day.

Don’t see this as an excuse to pack on empty carbs when you wake up. If you fuel your body with sugar and other empty carbs in the morning, your body will burn through its energy supply quickly, and you’ll feel worse once it does.

Eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, and turkey-based proteins are excellent choices for breakfast. By a large, nutritious breakfast in the morning, you’ll feel your energy levels rise quickly, and stay at a manageable level throughout the day.

Having enough energy to get through the day is often connected to whether or not you eat breakfast.

5. Have Time to Yourself

With all of the tasks that you have to complete in the morning, you might think this suggestion is a joke. Consider how even five minutes to yourself could provide you with a fresh perspective on the day. Even sitting down to meditate or to read a few pages of the paper can give you some space from the chaos of the day.

You might not currently think too much about your morning routine. Changing some of your habits can help you to feel better overall.

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